CONTEST! and How to Teach: Head Shake


1Splishsplashcrash with Crash

2TerraNik with Jedi!

3JustJesse197 with Jesse


All have their names on all of the Ink Portraits with mats! The top three winners also receive a painted post card done by Splash!


1 zsianz1 with Holly

2 Majchyka with Phoebe

3 Clickertrickdog with Savvy

4 HechiAsia with Hechi

5 trulyblueandsirius with Blue

6 nataliacuadrador with Sweet

7 axelmylove with Axel

8 SwarmLacrosse with Riley

9 YoYoPoodle with Charlie

The runner ups will receive a postcard sent to you, painted by Splash! and a mini ink sketch of their dogs.

This is a clicker training contest! Watch the video to find out the full details. This is also a video tutorial on how to clicker train your dog to shake their head to say no.

Contest Rules:

1 Video responses MUST obide by Youtube Rules first

2 In no way will you be physically manipulating your dog with your hands or objects

3 The dog will be choosing to do the exercise on his own, and enjoying the process

4 No cheating!- Its a training contest!

5 3 Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 APPROPRIATE response videos. Each winner will receive an 8 by 10 inch ink Sketch of YOUR dog from YOUR photo!!!!

6 I have the right to decide who wins regardless of entry order

7 I have a right to change the rules at anytime I see fit

8 By entering you will be agreeing to these rules

9 Winners videos might be used in one of my videos, with your consent. Winners private information (address to send the prize to), will be kept private. You can read a more detailed privacy policy here-

This trick takes some time. I would keep lessons short and fun 2-3 minutes. You might spend a couple of lessons on each step. I spent about 3 days getting Splash to just enjoy targeting back and forth between the chairs.

Once your dog has got it move the trick to a new area to practice in. Otherwise you might have a dog that can only shake their head indoors near the piano.

If your dog looks clueless in the new location, go back a step. So if you have movable targets (like chairs) bring them to the new location, to give the dog a hint.

If you or your dog get frustrated, just go back a step.

I particularly liked the foot movement when Splash shakes her head. You could also get some freestyle moves out of this trick, for instance teaching the dog to take 2 steps to the left and then 2 steps to the right etc.

You could teach Nodding Yes with the same method, but with the targets above and below the dog.

Check out these channels to see other versions of the head shake!-




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