Free Video List


What is clicker training?

The basics of dog training

What treats to use

Before you start training with food

How to stop unwanted behavior

Stop jumping up


Come!- puppy recalls

Come!- proofing and adding distractions

House training a puppy or rescue dog

Stop puppy mouthing and biting

Stop leash biting

Teach your dog his name

Let’s Go!- A must for shy and reactive dogs

Giving into leash pressure- clicker dog training shy reactive dogs

3 Calm Treat Deliveries

Fading a lure- removing the treat from your hand

Adding a verbal cue

Adding a release cue

Handling exercises for shy dogs and all dogs

Touch- nose touch to your hand

Building Attention- game 1

Building Attention- game 2

Building Attention- game 3

Building Attention- game 4

Crate Training- Part 1

How to teach changing positions and stay for distance work

Safety Stay at a Distance

Leash walking

Teach “Go Sniff”

Leash Walking- Equipment tips

Leash walking tips- using shelter dogs to demo

Stop pulling and “Yo-yoing” on a walk 

Teach ‘back up’ for leash walking

Taking food softly (Sian Davies video)

 Old video on leave it (using a rescue chihuahua)

 Tugging with your dog

Teaching Tug- with a rescue dog

Teaching “Drop” and “Get it” with a GSD puppy

Purse training for toy and small dogs

Teach your small dog to love being caught

How to train your dog to work for toys and food

Teach the cue “wait”

How to communicate with a dog in his own language

Impulse control proofing game

Tip of the day- soften kibble to cut up as treats

Tip of the day- Give your dog a present

Interactive Dog Puzzle ideas

How to make a throwable treat dispenser

Clicker training as a method vs using a clicker

You can’t reinforce fear


Capturing Calmness and teaching the settle- help for hyper dogs

Tips for using Counter Conditioning

Teaching dogs to be calm together

Home alone training

How to train your dog to love his harness

Tip of the Day- Excitement over food

Kiko’s Kitchen Nightmares!- Training your dog to get over her fears (slippery floors)

Relax for nail clipping

Barking- barking on a walk

Barking- at noises

Barking- at scary objects

Barking- at dogs behind fences

Stop excitement over vacuuming/hoovering (by Sian Davies)

Creating Super Puppies- Early Neurological Stimulation

What not to do to your best friend and why



Using human nail clippers with young puppies

Socializing your puppy to toy dogs

First things to train and avoid

Puppy Crate Training

Get your puppies attention



Teach your dog to stay behind a barrier- Invisible Barriers Part 1

Teach your dog to stay behind a barrier- Invisible Barriers Part 2

 Paw Targeting


Jump Through

Turn the lights on and off

Rear end awareness

Teach Your Dog to Fetch Anything!

Coin in shot glass

Coin in a piggy bank


Jumping tricks and human hurdles

Cross Paws

Leg weaving

Go to your mat, Drop on Recall + Drop at Heel

 Tips for backing up at a distance

Teach crawl under- using free shaping

Teach crawl under- using luring

Teach a large dog Cop-Cop

Teach a small dog Cop-Cop

Small dog trick: 4 feet on yours!

Teach your dog to shake his head “No”

Wave a flag

Leap Frog

Schutzhund turn

Sword Fighting

Teach your dog to scratch your back

Hips Up