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How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language in Training Sessions

This article describes how to read your dog’s body language in training sessions. Firstly we shall look at what the ears of the dog are telling us during a training session. When training a dog you want to shoot for the ear position on the left: POINTED AT YOU, relaxed or perky. I call these […]

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Looking Between the ABCs

While looking through some of my old material I came across the notes from my old Clicker Expo presentation on Solving Frustration.  One section in the presentation was called Looking Between the ABCs.  Here I invited trainers to not just focus on the Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence but to also investigate what is going on […]

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Teach Your Dog How to Behave When in the Backyard

A lot of people take the precautions of keeping their new dog in a mistake free environment inside their house when left unattended until the dog can be trusted to have more freedom, but often neglect to take the same precautions when leaving their dog alone outside. Outdoor management, prevention and training is just as […]

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