Breed: Lurcher rescue
Date of birth: February 14th 2012
Weight: 29 lbs
Born: Ireland
Favorite food: Raw food
Nicknames: Lace, Lace face, the white dog, Lace wing, Lacey-boo

, Martina’s second dog, is a Lurcher from Ireland, and the newest addition to the Kikopup Clan. A Lurcher is a cross between some type of sight hound and usually a herding breed or terrier. Lacey was dumped by the side of the road outside Dublin with her sibling, when she was a tiny pup. She was found dirty and skinny with a huge cut on her head. She was brought to Leinster Animal Rescue where they took care of her until we adopted her.



Martina flew to Ireland to bring her back to Sweden.
As Martina carried her into our home in her arms, I could only think of Harry Potter, the boy with the lightening scar.

For some reason everyone believes that the dogs that I live with are “perfect”.  And I often get comments like this on my youtube channel – “try that with an untrained dog”, “try that with a difficult dog.” Lacey is that dog.  When Lacey arrived she was extremely fearful, incontinent, un-house-trained, sickly, guarding food, guarding space, easily stressed, whining constantly, barking at every noise, barking and fearful of all dogs and people, fearful of being outside, unable to work for food, chewing on everything, obsessed with jumping on tables to get to food, playing rough, bullying other dogs, extremely anxious when being left alone, hyperactive, lacking impulse-control and body-awareness, seemingly autistic – constantly looking around for invisible flies, and she has a multitude of health issues. Some of her problems have got so much better with the training she had so far, some of them still need more work.


She is a dog that always makes us laugh, whether it be the way she is sleeping- up-side-down with her lips gaping, hanging her head off the couch, or her crazy joyful antics. Although she has been through a lot, she has a lust for life and an extreme drive. When she sets her mind on something, she is very adamant about it.  This can be both a blessing and hardship when training.  The goal when training her something is always to make her believe she came up with the idea herself.


Happy Training!