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Your PORTL to Shaping Seminar San Diego, CA

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Your PORTL to Shaping
Presented by Mary Hunter and
Jesús Rosales-Ruiz
September 28th and 29th 2019
San Diego, California

Cost: $300

Purchase a ticket now!  This seminar is limited to 30 hands-on attendee spots.  Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Your place at the seminar will be confirmed by your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding this seminar contact Emily Larlham of Dogmantics Dog Training at: dogmanticsstore@gmail.com

This is a foundation seminar for participants who have not attended a previous PORTL workshop. This seminar will allow you to practice your shaping skills with another human as the learner. You will also get to play the role of the learner, which will give you more insight into how people and animals learn. Throughout the weekend, you’ll learn about behavior principles and techniques that will help you create optimal learning situations when working with both animals and people. You’ll also learn foundation skills that will help you problem solve and think more creatively when designing training solutions. Each seminar will be limited to 30 attendees to allow ample time for discussion and questions and so that participants can receive individual coaching during the shaping.

The schedule for this marvelous weekend:

Saturday September 28th – 9:30 am – 5:30 pm



Lecture: Shaping: Principles and techniques

Exercises: PORTL foundations

Lunch: BBQ Fiesta Buffet


Lecture: Shaping behavior

Lecture: Resurgence: What it is and how to use it

Exercises: Capturing and shaping behavior

Sunday September29th – 9:30 am – 4:30 pm


Lecture: The constructional approach to behavior change

Exercises: Criteria

Lunch: Taco & Tostada Buffet


Lecture: Are errors necessary for learning?

Exercises: Putting it all together: Advanced shaping challenges

Q&A with Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz and Mary Hunter

Seminar information

Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel Old Town 
4041 Harney Street San Diego, California 92110 United States

Free parking on 4th and 5th floor of hotel parking garage. (If full for some reason there is a 5$ fee for 1 day of parking on the other levels.)

Coffee will be provided and a buffet lunch will be held onsite by the Tequila Factory Restaurant and Cantina.

There is a full refund if you cancel within 30 days of the event. 30 days up until the event there will be no refund if a replacement attendee is not found due to the costs to put on this event.


CCPDT: 11.5 CEUS for trainers and behavior consultants
IATCB: 11.5 CEUs
KPA: 14.5 CEUS

What is PORTL?

The Portable Operant Research and Teaching Lab (PORTL) is a tabletop shaping game that teaches individuals about behavior and shaping. Through playing the game, individuals get to see the principles of behavior in action and practice applying those principles to change behavior.

PORTL had its beginnings in another tabletop shaping game, called GENABACAB, which was developed by English dog trainer Kay Laurence. Kay developed GENABACAB and a series of GENABACAB exercises as a way to teach her students about the basics of shaping and to improve their timing and observation skills.

Several years ago, Kay taught GENABACAB to Dr. Rosales-Ruiz and his graduate students at the University of North Texas. The students were hooked and started playing the game with each other. They also started developing PORTL, by making modifications to the game so that it could be used for both teaching and research.”

“PORTL teaches individuals how to shape behavior entirely through reinforcement and environmental arrangement.”

PORTL teaches individuals how to shape behavior entirely through reinforcement and environmental arrangement. The person playing the role of the teacher may not use verbal instructions, models, gestures, or prompts to direct the learner during teaching.

However, learning is not left to chance or guessing. Through playing the game, participants learn how to divide behaviors into component skills and appropriate teaching steps, assess the learner’s progress during teaching, and adjust and revise their teaching plan as needed.

Find out more about PORTL here:

A video example of the magic of PORTL:
A PORTL Exercise: Errorless teaching of a conditional chain

About Mary Hunter

Mary Hunter earned a master of science in behavior analysis from the University of North Texas in 2013. She has trained a wide range of species, including dogs, horses, cats, rats, raccoons, Patagonian cavies, macaws, and more. Mary is interested in how behavior analysis can be used to improve human-animal interactions, as she believes that an understanding of the science of behavior can help us find smarter and more humane ways for training our animals.

Mary currently serves as the president of The Art and Science of Animal Training, a non-profit organization based out of Denton, Texas. The organization provides educational programs for both pet owners and animal training professionals. Mary also owns and operates DogTrainingology, which provides training and consulting services to dog (and horse) owners in the north Texas area.

In addition to training animals and their owners, Mary is involved in research about animal learning. Her main interests include studying the process of shaping and developing better methods for teaching people to train animals. She also shares regularly about her training adventures and about the science of training on her blog, StaleCheerios.com.

About Jesús Rosales-Ruiz

Jesús Rosales-Ruiz is an associate professor at the University of North Texas in the Department of Behavior Analysis and serves as chair of the department.

He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in 1995, under the mentorship of two pioneers in the field of behavior analysis, Donald M. Baer and Ogden R. Lindsley. Jesús is one of the few scientists in the world studying animal training from both the theoretical and applied perspectives. He, along with his students, has greatly contributed to the understanding of the science and practice of animal training.

Jesús also studies the antecedent control of behavior, generalization, behavioral cusps, fluency-based teaching, treatment of autism, teaching of academic behavior, rule-governed behavior and contingency-shaped behavior. He has served on several editorial boards, including the Journal of Precision Teaching, the European Journal of Behavior Analysis, and the International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy. He has also served as a reviewer for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, the Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Behavioral Processes, and PLOS ONE. Jesús is a fellow of the Eastern Psychological Association, a trustee of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

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