Breed: Podenco rescue
Date of birth: March 1, 2007
Weight: 30 lbs
Born: Spain
Favorite food: Cheese
Favorite pastime: attacking the water from the garden hose and sneaking under the covers in the early hours of the morning
Nick-names: Trisch, Trischita, Trischakin, Trischitapoo

Trisch, Martina’s dog, is a Podenco- a Spanish sight hound.  Martina was working at a shelter in Spain when she fell in love with Trisch.  Trisch was a very fearful dog- she was scared of all dogs, all strangers, being touched, and any social situation which she could not escape. When Martina first met her any movement of a foot would send Trisch flying.  It was impossible to even walk near her and she would scream if you touched her while she wasn’t expecting it.  Now she is a very well adjusted dog and adores being pet.  She also likes to prove that it’s not just Border Collies that can do amazing tricks and behaviors.  She has amazing balance and agility.  Trisch loves climbing trees and doing dog parkour.



Trisch is a very caring dog.  Every dog in our household cares for her, as she always makes sure to step lightly and carefully when joining the gang on the couch or navigating over cozy blankets that may or may not contain a hidden sleeping Chihuahua.  Trisch loves the comforts in life- like finding the perfect sized pillow to rest her chin on.  Trisch is elegant, proud and has the grace of a gazelle.



Happy Training!