Breed: Terrier mix rescue
Age: 6
Weight: 8 lbs
Born: USA
Favorite food: ANYTHING EDIBLE- be it Kibble or serloin stake. BUT NEVER EVER any type of bread, he will spit it out with disgust
Nick-names: Mr. Tug, Tugini, Tuggertins (Pam made this up),  Tugilini (Clara made this up), Tuggles, Mr. Tuggles, Mr. Tugglebutt, Snuggles, Snugini

I found Tug, the chihuahua/terrier mix, at a rescue and again it was another moment of destiny.  Tug was meant to live with the Kikopup Clan!  He is named Tug because even though he is a tiny dog, he can achieve anything he sets his mind to- like a Tug Boat!  Tug adores the other members of the clan, and is the glue that keeps them so closely knit.  Splash is a very calm dog, and Tug is my “Border Collie”- high drive- easily excited dog.  Tug can beat Splash at clicker challenges.  He’s one smart cookie.  He also is part goat and part cat- he likes to perch on odd places like the rim of the bath tub.  He is very fond of a stuffed carrot that he must carry around, and hide before bed time.  Usually he will hide the toy in high up places like chairs, tables and the back of the couch.





Tug doesn’t run, he flies.  Whenever anyone takes a picture of him running, his feet are never touching the ground.  His joy is to bound off
leash in the forest.  He is very connected to Splash- goes everywhere Splash goes on a walk like a pilot fish.





Happy Training!