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The Goal:
It’s important to be inspired. The goal of the Weekly Inspirations Program is to inspire you to train your dog something new each week for a whole year. This program is unique in that each 4 week period, we will cover 4 different exercises in video tutorials:

Trick tutorial – to build your training skills and your dog’s learning skills.
Focus game – to build your dog’s interest in you and training.
Body awareness trick tutorial – to build your dog’s body awareness, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility while exercising his mind.
Proofing game – to teach you how to create reliable behaviors and take your training to the next level.

This 52 week program is designed not only for dog lovers who just want to have fun and bond with their dog through weekly training exercises, but also for dog trainers and those competing in dog sports to use as a tool for cross training, or in other words a tool for adding variety to their training.

The hardest part of adding variety to training is thinking up what to train and when. We will do it for you by providing a year’s worth of inspirations -13 Trick tutorials, 13 Focus games, 13 Body awareness exercises, and 13 Proofing games!

The way we constructed the program makes it so that you can go through the tutorials in order at your own pace, or randomly pick and choose between the tutorials. All of the tutorials are in depth and if a step is required before training the behavior you will be pointed to where to learn the prior steps. There is also the possibility of working on multiple exercises and behaviors from different videos at the same time if you so wish.

The benefits:

*Provides mental stimulation.
*Sharpen your training skills.
*Sharpen your dog’s learning skills.
*Add variety to your training plan.
*Increase your dog’s body awareness, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.
*Take the pressure off! This isn’t a competition. It’s meant to be fun for you and your dog.   If you are not having fun with a certain learning game or trick, skip it! You can always try it again later, no pressure!

How it works:
By paying the one time membership fee of 150$, you will be granted full access to the Weekly Inspirations section of the Dogmantics.com website where you can find all the tutorials.

The video tutorials are created by the trainers of Dogmantics Dog Training- Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup) and Martina Sunnas. Emily and Martina will take turns instructing as well as doing joint tutorial videos.

View free sample:
Week 1- Paws Up – Trick Tutorial

Difficulty level:
These video tutorials are designed to be easy to understand for those with a very basic knowledge of Clicker Training. However, for the trick tutorials, we also add ideas of variations of the behavior at the end of the video or written description for those who want a challenge or who have already trained that specific behavior already. For example, in the free video sample of the ‘Paws Up’ tutorial, those who have yet to train the trick can just work on teaching their dog the beginning steps to teaching the dog to put their paws up. Those who are more advanced can work on the different ideas of adding a twist to the behavior, such as the dog staying with his paws up no matter what the distraction, or looking left and right while in the paws up position. The tutorials will cover the steps of how to train the behavior in detail. The ideas of how to add a twist or increase difficulty will just be listed or shown with little or no explanation.

If you are unfamiliar with using a clicker, please refer to my video ‘What is Clicker Training?’ If you prefer not to use a clicker while following this program, you can watch this tutorial on what to do instead of clicking when following our videos: ‘How to use our videos without a Clicker’.

The ‘Weekly Inspirations’ video posts are not a guide on how to train in general, so if you are interested in the technical skills of training tricks and behaviors, check out Emily’s DVD ‘Kikopup’s Guide to Clicker Training’.

Purchase a membership now! Membership is granted immediately after purchase. Remember to write down your User ID and Password, as you will need to use them to login at the ‘My account’ tab before viewing the protected material under the Memberships > Weekly Inspirations tab. You will have unlimited access to the tutorials as long as Dogmantics.com exists.

If you have any questions or need technical support, please email us at: dogmanticsstore@gmail.com

Happy Training!