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The Goal:

Training manners can sometimes get put on the back burner when there are so many other things to do and train. The idea behind this program is to motivate not just pet dog owners but also trainers and those competing in sports to work more on their dog’s manners. Working on manners in training sessions instead of just managing the situations as they happen makes living together more enjoyable and less stressful for both dogs and humans.

How it works:

All of the tutorials are in depth and if a step is required before training the behavior you will be pointed to where to learn the prior steps.  Each post contains a video tutorial as well as the written out steps.

By paying the one time membership fee, you will be granted full access to the Weekly Manners section of the Dogmantics.com for as long as the website exists.

The tutorials in order:

  1. Take treats nicely – FREE SAMPLE (click here to view the tutorial)
  2. Teach your dog how to ask for something he wants in a polite way
  3. Door manners – Getting ready for an outing
  4. Wait on a loose leash or near you off leash after exiting the car
  5. After being called, stay with you until released
  6. Doggie dinner manners
  7. Manners when humans cook and eat dinner
  8. Manners while playing tug
  9. Loose leash walking obstacle course around food and toy distractions
  10. Manners while playing fetch
  11. Lay on mat with distractions
  12. Café manners
  13. Drop whatever you have in your mouth
  14. Waiting for the traffic light and crossing the road
  15. Pass dogs and people on a walk as a training setup
  16. Greeting people politely
  17. Manners when visiting a friend’s house
  18. ‘Ill be back’ – calmly wait for your return in new places
  19. Happily move off furniture when asked
  20. Take turns – leave other dogs or humans playing with toys

Difficulty level:

These video tutorials are designed to be easy to understand for beginners, yet peak the interest and motivate advanced trainers to work weekly on their dog’s manners.

If you are unfamiliar with using a clicker, please refer to my video ‘What is Clicker Training?’ If you prefer not to use a clicker while following these tutorials, you can watch this video on what to do instead of clicking: ‘How to use our videos without a Clicker’.

The ‘Weekly Manners’ video posts are not a guide on how to train in general, so if you are interested in the technical skills of training tricks and behaviors, check out Emily’s VOD ‘Kikopup’s Guide to Clicker Training’.

Purchase a membership now! Membership is granted immediately after purchase.  Remember to write down your User ID and Password, as you will need to use them to login at the ‘My account’ tab before viewing the protected material under the Memberships > Weekly Manners tab.

If you have any questions or need technical support, please email me at: dogmanticsstore@gmail.com

Happy Training!