Protocol for Emotional and Behavioral Modification


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Continued Education: 

I created the Video On Demand Reactivity: A Program for Rehabilitation  in 2013 that goes over how to train the behaviors needed for Emotional and Behavioral Modification.  I have tweaked a few things since then, and spent 5 years simplifying the method to this protocol you see above.  But the information is the same.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

My latest creation, the Self-Study Course ‘Leash Walking CONNECTED’ does not cover fear and reactivity, but it covers all the behaviors needed before beginning working with fear or reactivity (the ones listed above): correct arousal for reinforcement, default leave it from treats, standing and walking on a loose leash with distractions, lets go cue, the leash pressure cue and more.  These behaviors are in the Reactivity VOD but this course goes into much more detail and puts the exercises into a 6 week program showing you how much to work on each exercise each week and how to progress.  It also has a PDF to print out with all the steps in writing and and the plans for each of the six weeks. CLICK HERE to find out more.


Happy Training!