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Did you know about this Dog Training method?

Did you know there is a why to train dogs without the use of physical or psychological intimidation? I was lucky enough to begin my career over 18 years ago at a shelter that was run with no forms of physical or psychological intimidation used for their behavior and training programs with the shelter dogs […]

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first week home puppy

What I trained Epic my puppy in the FIRST WEEK home

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a video of what I trained Epic in the first week. As I describe in the video what we train each puppy or new adult dog who is added to the family is very different depending on the dogs genetics, personality, what happened to them in the […]

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how to train without a clicker

Getting Started Clicker Training

This video is on how to start training a puppy with a clicker. It goes over how to charge the clicker, or in other words build meaning to the clicker. I also mention what to do and what not to do when getting started.       In this short video I go over the […]

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resource guarding

Resource Guarding Protocol

By Emily Larlham Some dogs have the tendency to guard resources while others don’t. One dog put into the same situation as another might never exhibit guarding his whole life while another dog will. In animal abuse cases, you will see some dogs that have been starved who still do not think to guard food, […]

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dog training border collie tips

Herding Puppy Hack

I am not sure how it works scientifically, but usually the first few things a dog herds or has a very reinforcing time staring at, become “fixed” and hard to teach them NOT to enjoy staring at. Kind of the same way a baby duck might learn to follow a person or a dog if […]

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what to train your puppy first

What to train your puppy in the first few training sessions

In the first few training sessions with your puppy you can choose what to work on first depending on their behavior and personality. For all puppies: Settle- Following a food lure without mouthing or licking- Attention noise- (stay tuned for a new version of this video coming up in the next couple […]

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Solving Barking at Noises

The problem This article addresses the issue of barking at noises while in a house or apartment when the owner is home as well as absent. Dogs bark for many reasons. We can assume that dogs are barking at noises they hear outside the house because they are either startled, aroused or worried about the […]

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The Misuse of Muzzles

A muzzle is like a seat belt. It reduces injury but doesn’t prevent accidents. I have noticed a recent trend of the misuse of muzzles and the misunderstanding of their function in a behavior modification plan. No one puts on a seat belt and then suddenly drives carelessly. Yet, often times people put muzzles on […]

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dog training submissive urination youtube

Submissive Urination When Greeting People

The video below covers how to train and prevent your puppy or adult dog from urinating when greeting a family member, friend or stranger. Some puppies will grow out of this behavior, but for others the behavior can continue into adulthood. The most important concept to remember is to try and keep your cool if […]

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How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language in Training Sessions

This article describes how to read your dog’s body language in training sessions. Firstly we shall look at what the ears of the dog are telling us during a training session. When training a dog you want to shoot for the ear position on the left: POINTED AT YOU, relaxed or perky. I call these […]

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Looking Between the ABCs

While looking through some of my old material I came across the notes from my old Clicker Expo presentation on Solving Frustration.  One section in the presentation was called Looking Between the ABCs.  Here I invited trainers to not just focus on the Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence but to also investigate what is going on […]

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