A Few Cases in Which Canine Body Language is Commonly Misinterpreted

In this video below I talk about 2 cases in which body language can often be misinterpreted in dogs.

Shivering can be caused by fear or excitement, but it could also simply be that your dog is cold. Keep in mind illness, injury, low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can also account for shivering.

Tail carriage and what your dog does with his tail can also have a different meaning depending on your dog’s breed.  A beagle for example, would tend to keep their tail high over their back, while a whippet would keep their tail low when relaxed. In this video I talk about how the tail tucked between the legs can sometimes simply be the sign that the dog is cold. Some dogs with very little hair or delicate skin, will tuck their tail under them to sit or lay down on hard or uncomfortable surfaces. Tucking the tail can also be a sign of physical or psychological discomfort or fear. A dog might also tuck their tail to prevent another dog sniffing them or because of injury or illness.

In dog training literature a relaxed and open mouth is said to be the sign that a dog is relaxed. But in this video I talk about looking at the whole picture.

Happy Training!