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Relationship Essentials: 4 Key Elements to Building the Successful Team

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This is a 2 1/2 hour filmed lecture and lab conducted by Emily Larlham at the Pet Professional Guild’s first Educational Summit held in Tampa, Florida in 2015.

One of the first steps to training a dog is building a relationship together. In this lecture and lab Emily covers what she believes to be the 4 essential components to building a successful relationship and training foundation. For Emily, the key elements are: Trust, Connection, Communication, and Choice.

During the working lab, dog and handler teams have a chance to work on exercises for each of the key components, including:

  • Teaching the dog to want to choose the handler over everything.
  • Proofing attention with distractions.
  • Teaching luring as a complex behavior and way to communicate.
  • Teaching the dog the toy is most reinforcing when presented to the handler to be played with together.

Running Time: 2 1/2 hours

Cover photo by: Robert LaFollette
Filmed 2015
Copyright © 2016, Tawzer Dog LLC


1 Trust

  • Teaching trust
  • Leave your emotional baggage on the shelf
  • Confidence
  • Set your dog up to succeed

2 Connection

  • Attention/Focus
  • Desire/Drive to work
  • Building reinforcements

3 Communication

  • Teach your dog – create a common language
  • Listen to your dog
  • Learn from your dog

4 Choice

  • Let your dog make choices
  • Set up games in a way that the dog believes he came up with the idea
  • Teach your dog to trust in your choices

Happy Training!