Running a Multi-Dog Household VOD

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This 1 hour and 14 minute Video on Demand is on the topic of running a peaceful multi-dog household without having to resort to using physical or psychological intimidation. Emily will discuss the techniques she uses with her own dogs as well as teaches her clients and other trainers to use when managing a multi-dog household.

A lot of people believe that dogs in the same household should be allowed to set up a pecking order, and then the humans should respect that order. This can go peacefully or what can happen is that the small arguments, intimidating glares and scuffles can go on forever. Some of the dogs might feel the need to protect what they have, while others could live in fear of stepping into the wrong place at the wrong time. This situation can sometimes be more stressful for the dog doing the bullying than the dog being bullied.

Emily believes that in the same way as one wouldn’t let their toddler and dog decide how to interact with each other, which might end in a lot of tears, one wouldn’t want to let the dogs in their household choose how to interact with each other without guidance. Emily will explain how you can provide guidance by teaching and reinforcing new appropriate behaviors, interrupting undesirable behaviors, and using management and prevention.

This video contains tutorials that already exist on Emily’s Youtube channel Kikopup along with new material and explanations. In this video she ties the most important information needed to manage a multi-dog household into a carefully planned one hour and fourteen minute video.  Because Emily Larlham published this video and controls all copyrights, there is a link to download the video to your computer on the bottom of the video viewing page.

Video topics:

Introduction – The benefits of training without physical or psychological intimidation
Creating different rules for different dogs
Don’t let your emotions get in the way of training
When to let dogs train each other and when not to
Formula for solving problem behaviors
Teaching and reinforcing behaviors in a multi-dog household
Interrupting behaviors in a multi-dog household
Using management and prevention in a multi-dog household
Introducing a new dog to a multi-dog household and Multi dog tricks


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