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25 dog and puppy training tips

Treat deliveries

By Emily Larlham Train each type of treat delivery as a behavior unto itself, before adding them into training sessions.  For example: To throw a treat at a dog’s face for him to catch when he is not expecting it can be very punishing and distract from the training task, even if the dog does […]

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What to use as reinforcement

by Emily Larlham Food: Keep your dog’s treats as healthy as you can.  Real meat is a great treat because it is healthy and easy to swallow quickly.  Less healthy treats are tiny bits of cheese, hot dog, bread and other table scraps. Find out which treats are the most and the least reinforcing for […]

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What to do if your puppy bites you OUTSIDE of a training session

By Emily Larlham Every time a puppy is reinforced for putting teeth on human skin, a bite-reinforcement history is being created.  Take mouthing seriously and make sure you do not reinforce it!  Ignoring biting is a bad idea because it is self-reinforcing! There are many ways to stop biting from being reinforced.  Use your judgment […]

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Socializing Tips – our world can be a scary place!

By Emily Larlham The world can be a scary place for a young puppy.  This is especially the case if the breeder or previous caregiver did not take the litter of puppies out-and-about in the company of their own mother and littermates in order to socialize them to everything they will see and hear in […]

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dogs and babies

Dogs and Babies

by Emily Larlham Sitting in a room full of pregnant women and their husbands in a local hospital in San Diego, California, just moments before hearing Madeline Gabriel’s lecture, “Dogs and Babies: Play It Safe,” I thought to myself, “I am sure I know all of this stuff! “  Boy, was I wrong. I wish […]

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Fading a lure

Fading a lure

by Emily Larlham Fading a lure, or teaching your dog to offer a behavior without having a treat waved in front of his face can seem like a daunting task if you have never done it before.  However, once you have gotten over the first hurdle of your dog’s dependency on the treat lure for […]

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The problem with just ignoring unwanted behaviors

by Emily Larlham You should never ignore behaviors your dog or puppy does that you find “undesirable” if the behaviors are self-reinforcing.  This is because by practicing the behaviors the dog will find them reinforcing and be more likely to continue doing them in the future.  By repetition the “undesired” behavior attains a reinforcement history, […]

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