101 Ways to Think Outside the Box VOD

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This is filmed 2 day seminar.

This streamed video is of the 2 day seminar ‘101 Ways to Think Outside the Box’.  By watching this seminar, you’ll learn creative ways to teach dogs new skills as well as how to deal with problem behaviors. If you are new to training or feel like your training could use some spicing up, this filmed seminar is for you!  It should be great for freestylers, agility and obedience competitors, dog trainers, even regular pet lovers with shy dogs who need a boost or boisterous dogs that need calming. Emily takes your dog training creativity and precision to the next level. From building calm foundation to default behaviors (ones the dog just does without being asked) to advanced trick training. Great training can make any dog look brilliant.  This seminar will also help you create a great bond with your dog.
Running Time: 9 hours

Produced by Tawzer Dog LLC
Filmed at Ahimsa Dog Training Seattle 2011
Copyright 2011 Tawzer Dog LLC

Watch a preview of the seminar here!

Happy Training!