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harnessingthehunterimageFIXEDwebHarnessing the Hunter: Building your relationship & reliability with a hunting dog

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This streamed video covers the most important foundation behaviors and exercises to train your hunting dog in order to build your relationship and gain reliability around prey. The tutorials will cover exercises to lower arousal and stress, build attention, proof important behaviors, and teach impulse control. These techniques are not only useful for those who have hunting breeds and never want them to hunt, but also for people who do want to hunt with their dog, but would like their dog to have an off switch from hunting. However, this video will not cover how to teach a dog to hunt, only how to get reliability of behaviors around prey. Emily came up with the idea to make this video while training her spouse’s two rescued hunting dogs. Trisch, her Podenco was one of the most stressed and excitable dogs she had ever seen around prey. She would literally make herself sick after seeing an animal on leash, or pursuing an animal off leash. After lunging, barking, and screaming madly or simply seeing an animal, her eyes would get bloodshot, her ears would go bright red, and she would have allergies for the next 3 days, scratching herself until she bled and being in a high state of arousal. Emily knew she had to put a stop to this, not only for her own piece of mind, but for Trisch’s well-being and happiness too.
Running Time: 2 hrs 7 mins

Produced by Tawzer Dog LLC
Filmed 2013
Copyright 2013 Tawzer Dog LLC


Topics covered


Basics of Training/Building your relationship and trust

Interrupting behavior with an attention noise

Attention games

Calm foundations

Setting yourself up for success- management and prevention

Important exercises for hunting dogs:

1 Attention

2 Recall

3 Leave it

4 Get it drop it

Counter conditioning


Walking Skills:

1 Giving Into Pressure

2 Lets go

3 Teaching the dog to stop when you stop

4 Impulse control on leash

Using a long line to train

Building attention and lowering arousal around prey

Games for hunters:

1 Rapid fire

2 Leave it

3 Strike a pose

4 Naming

5 Premack

Regression and Touch up training




Happy Training!