The Art of Trick Dogging VOD

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‘The Art of Trick Dogging’ is a filmed 2 day seminar.

Trick Dogging is not only a great way to bond with your dog, but it increases your dog’s confidence, strength, fitness, balance, flexibility, and bodily awareness.  It is also a great way to increase one’s own training skills.
In this filmed seminar you will learn how to teach the core positions, movements and placements of trick dogging from which to build very simple to the most complex tricks and behaviors.
Some topics covered are teaching backwards tricks, advanced object holding, paw work and double dog tricks.
This video also go over the most important skills for getting your pet into commercials, movies and magazines, as well as how to train your dog fun service dog skills such as putting laundry away, and turning on light switches.  It also covers the basics of getting the perfect start in teaching Freestyle Frisbee.
Running Time:  7 hours 40 mins

Produced by Tawzer Dog LLC
Filmed in San Diego 2011
Copyright 2011 Tawzer Dog LLC

Watch a preview of the seminar here!

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