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This is filmed 2 day seminar.

How can we better our training skills? Emily created the seminar ‘Refining Your Training Skills’ as her answer to this very question based on her own observations, research and insights during her journey in training dogs.

The definition of ‘Refine’ is to remove unwanted elements or to purify. We will dissect our training by pulling all the pieces apart and assessing each piece’s function separately. Emily will cover the importance of proactive training as well as provide solutions to training plans gone awry.

This seminar will focus on how we can open our awareness and consciousness to our own actions and those of our dogs. We will investigate how drastic changes can occur from just the simple choice of marker, reinforcer, reinforcement delivery, reinforcement placement and what we do between training.

The majority of the seminar is based not on what to train, but how to train. However, Emily will use workshop exercises like teaching a ‘Keep Going’ signal and precision Heelwork to demonstrate these concepts.

Run time: 8 hrs 14 mins

Produced by Tawzer Dog LLC
Filmed 2014
Copyright 2014 Tawzer Dog LLC


Topics List:

Sticking to your Morals and Ethics

Interrupting and Preventing Behaviors


Getting Behavior

Reinforcement Delivery

Reinforcement Placement

Communication Strategies

Game Strategies

Getting your dog back on the right track without using “no reward markers”

Lower Frustration in training

What to do with your dog outside of training?

Refining your observation skills

Fixing a broken behavior chain

Heelwork- a complex behavior to test your teaching skills

Separating Triggers

Happy Training!