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What is Weekly Puppy Insights?

Each week I have posted weekly training insights from the time my Border Collie puppy Wish arrived home at 8 weeks old until she was 6 months old. The insights are in the form of writings, videos of training sessions, tutorials or a combination of these. The way the information is presented will not only be applicable to those raising a new puppy, but to anyone who owns a dog of any age. Advanced concepts will be explained in a way that those new to training can easily understand.

The insights are based on training my puppy to be a well-behaved, well-adjusted companion with the perfect training foundation to enjoy dog sports and teaching complex behaviors in the future.

Some topics that will be covered in the insights:

    • Important behaviors to train first
    • Achieving the right level of arousal in training sessions
    • Preventing and interrupting undesirable behaviors using proactive behavior management
    • Getting along with the other dogs in the house
    • Socialization
    • Meeting people and dogs
    • Relationship and focus building
    • Training impulse control
    • Planning training sessions
    • Working on behaviors and tricks

How does it work?

After payment, you will immediately be granted access to the Weekly Puppy Insights members section of the Dogmantics.com website. The program began on Jan 30th 2016, where every Saturday at 8am Pacific Time a new post was added to the Weekly Puppy Insights members section of the Dogmantics.com website.  Now that the 20 weeks have passed, you have access to all the insights.  One option is to read the posts in the order that they were posted. Another is to skip through the different weeks, choosing the topics that you are the most keen to investigate first.  I suggest if you have just gotten a puppy to read the first few posts first.

The material will be accessible as long as dogmantics.com exists.

Purchase a membership now! Membership is granted immediately after purchase. Remember to write down your User ID and Password, as you will need to use them to login at the ‘My Account’ tab before viewing the protected membership material.

If you have any questions or need technical support, please email us at: dogmanticsstore@gmail.com

Here is a list of the topics covered in each post:

1 Wish Comes Home

  • Why I picked my puppy’s breeder
  • Some things to look for in the parents of the puppy
  • Preparing for Wish
  • Picking her up and the car ride home
  • Meeting the household dogs
  • First time in play pen
  • First night
  • House training
  • First training session
  • Second training session
  • Meeting people
  • Training notes

2 Focusing on Calmness

  • TRIP- The magic formula to solve any behavioral problem
  • Whining, barking, angry puppy!
  • Socialization during the first week home
  • First luring training session

3 Zoom Zoom Zoom

  • Chasing cares and other fast moving objects
  • Can’t get enough impulse control and calmness
  • A little too much rough housing
  • Insights in a training session
  • Socialization

4 Focusing on Leash Walking

  • You get what you reinforce
  • Accepting the consequences of jumping the gun
  • Asking for more
  • Using the environment as reinforcement
  • Leash walking exerciseso   Walking at your side
    o   Walking and stopping
    o   Let’s go
    o   “Go sniff” and “Let’s go”
    o   Giving into leash pressure

5 Fading a Lure and Adding a Verbal Cue

  • Life gets hectic
  • What to do if you can’t do anything
  • Fading a lure and adding a verbal cue
  • Thoughts from the Art & Science of Animal Training Conference 2016

6 Back on Track!

  • Getting back on track
  • Myelination
  • Puppy school? Or not?
  • All done
  • Leash walking games
    o   Practice speed changes
  • Training notes 8 weeks to 12 weeks

7 Planning to Plan

  • Go check it out
  • Planning to plan
    o   Down stay release
    o   Crate
    o   Paws up
  • Practicing slowing down

8 Reassess and Address

  • Reassess and address
  • Wish has a reinforcing memorable experience with children
  • Distance work
  • Skateboard fun
  • Mini Insights

9 Striving for More Than Just “OK”

  • What I do when we’re alone in the vet waiting room
  • Reading Wish’s body language while grooming
  • Teaching ‘Hold’ to improve our ‘Retrieve’

10 Prepping for Performance

  • Prepping for performance
  • Overcoming fear of voices over a loudspeaker
  • No need to bark when you hear barking
  • Walking with the big dogs

11 Call Me Anytime

  • Proofing attention with training distractions
  • Proofing the recall away form dogs, toys and eating treats
  • Rain rain go away…
  • Handling – as with everything change things up

12 Fetch The Final Frontier

  • Fetch the final frontier
  • Prepping for performance – Acting School
  • Just another training opportunity
  • Fishing outside the dog park

13 Sometimes Taking a Break is the Best Training Plan

  • Sometimes taking a break is the best training plan
  • Tricks training session
  • Walking towards a distraction on a loose leash
  • Training notes 8 weeks to 20 weeks

14 Sticking to My Guns

  • What you teach might pop up somewhere you wish it wouldn’t
  • Brushing up table manners
  • Beginning target stick training
  • Sticking to my guns

15 Create New Pathways and Build Them

  • Create new pathways and build them
  • Adult teeth erupting
  • The crate is a safe place
  • Visiting the dog park

16 Woof! Woof!

  • Video diary of Wish’s socialization to dogs
  • Barking at strangers
  • Remember your successes when you are faced with a problem

17 At Your Service

  • At your service
  • Making lists
  • Switching a behavior from food to a toy or the environment as a reward
  • Have different options of where to attach the leash to save your training

18 Stressed in a Bad Way to Stressed in a Good Way

  • Stressed in a bad way to stressed in a good way
  • The importance of building reinforcers first before tackling shyness and reactivity
  • Faster sits for toys
  • Training and testing verbal cues

19 Combatting the Boggart in the Closet

  • Combatting the Boggart in the closet
  • Heelwork training session – Thinking about back foot positions
  • Generosity and patience pays off – Teaching the pacifier trade off
  • Socialization at dog beach

20 The Final Insight

  • You are so brave
  • This week was all about heelwork games
  • Greeting guests and quiet homecomings
  • The final insight

Happy Training!