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Teach Your Dog How to Behave When in the Backyard

A lot of people take the precautions of keeping their new dog in a mistake free environment inside their house when left unattended until the dog can be trusted to have more freedom, but often neglect to take the same precautions when leaving their dog alone outside. Outdoor management, prevention and training is just as […]

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Lumos at 10 Weeks – Thoughts on Puppy Socialization

Lumos, Martina’s Border Collie puppy, turned 10 weeks old and I have finally some time to begin writing a blog about him and thoughts I have while we raise him.  These thoughts in this post are on socialization. I think it’s really important to consider HOW puppy socialization takes place, and remember to vary it.  […]

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sit pretty

Teach ‘Sit Pretty’ for Protection Against Injury

By Emily Larlham The trick ‘Sit Pretty’ is one of my favorite exercises to teach dogs.  It is not only an adorable trick, but it has many benefits that make it a must to train.  Teaching ‘Sit Pretty’ increases your dog’s balance and body awareness.  It also builds your dogs core muscles which protect the […]

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Train your dog to do absolutely… NOTHING!

Reinforcing your dog for doing nothing is a technique I learned from my most amazing mentor, Kyle Rayon.  The idea is, when you see your dog doing absolutely NOTHING, that is the moment you want to reinforce him with attention and treats.  For example: Your dog is standing calmly at your side on a loose […]

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By Emily Larlham Generalizing simply means, teaching your dog that when you ask him to perform a behavior, it means the same thing regardless of the scenario or environment you are in.  Dogs do not generalize as well as us humans do, so it can make it very difficult for us to understand what they […]

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 By Emily Larlham Your puppy is going to chew, so take preventive measures.  Wipe Wintergreen Oil on surfaces that you don’t want your puppy to chew on.  For example, wood skirting boards, chair legs, table legs, and wires.  Do this weekly.  Wintergreen oil is an essential oil sold at places like Whole Foods that has […]

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The importance of handling

By Emily Larlham Handling is a great way to communicate with your dog that most people overlook. It is also a great way to build calmness and trust in your dog.  The benefits are endless.  When your dog is comfortable with handling, touching your dog causes the release of the calming hormone, oxytocin, in your […]

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Always remember to release your dog!

by Emily Larlham I see this happen so many times to so many dogs.  A person will ask a dog to sit, give the dog a treat, and then walk away or start chatting with someone.  Then the dog sits there looking as though he is thinking  “Now what am I supposed to do?”.  The […]

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Separation training tips

By Emily Larlham 1 Leave your dog alone while you are home This teaches the dog to enjoy being alone while it is not associated only with you leaving the house.   You can use baby gates and pens to keep your dog in one part of the house while you are in another.   You can […]

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Är det skadligt för hundens hals att använda strypkoppel?

av Emily Larlham översättning av Anna Törnelius Alla som lever tillsammans med en hund för sällskap och vänskap vill göra det som är fysiskt och psykiskt bäst för sin hund. Vi skaffar hundar som sällskap för att få uppleva vänskap, tillit och att få ta hand om en annan levande varelse som är beroende av […]

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Don’t only work on one behavior at a time

By Emily Larlham While searching the internet one day for “dog training tips” to see what the average person finds when browsing the internet for training help, I came across a tip that many people believe, yet I find detrimental to training.  The commonly believed tip is that you should train your dog one behavior […]

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Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck?

By Emily Larlham (Note: This article is a work in progress- the more I research, the more I will add to this work.) People who live with dogs for companionship and friendship all want what is physically and psychologically best for their dog.  We get dogs as companions in order to experience friendship, trust and […]

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Kaj uporabiti kot priboljšek?

Napisala Emily Larlham Prevedel Rok Miklič Kako motivirati psa? Hrana: Priboljški naj bodo čim bolj zdravi. Pravo meso je eden izmed najboljših priboljškov, ker je zdravo ter ga pes z lahkoto pogoltne. Manj zdravi priboljški so majhni koščki sira, hrenovka, kruh in ostali ostanki z mize. S poskušanjem ugotovite, kateri priboljški so pri vašem psu […]

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Naučite mladička, da vam bo sledil brez povodca

Napisala Emily Larlham Prevedel Rok Miklič Mladička lahko naučite hoditi brez povodca z uporabo t.i. slednega povodca pripetega na  oprsnico.NIKOLI ne pripnite slednega povodca na ovratnico saj si lahko resno poškoduje vrat, v primeru da se zažene in mu “zmanjka” povodca. Psa sprehajajte na slednem povodcu in preden se povodec napne, psa pokličite in ga […]

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Pes posode s hrano ne sme imeti na razpolago skozi cel dan

Napisala Emily Larlham Prevedel Rok Miklič Pogosto v pasji šoli vidim udeležence, katerih psi niso motivirani v delo za hrano. Pomislim: “Je ta pes predebel, bolan, bojazljiv ali ima prost dostop do hrane?” Ponavadi sem zelo dobra pri ugibanju, čigav pes ima doma ves čas na razpolago posodo za hrano. Težava pri psih, ki imajo […]

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